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Some poor attempts at Cthulhu Mythos stories.


Therion Tiberius Ware.

At 58 years of age I hadn't accomplished much.

I did manage to buy a house in one of the less fashionable suberbs of London, and paid it off. My professional life was reasonably successful, mostly in the IT field, specialising in Broadcast TV. Before My stroke in 2012, when I was "voluntarily retired", I was fairly successful. But never as successful as I might have been. Though  did have my moments both of accomplishment and luck.

I've occasionally pondered why not. And give Crowley's observation as the explanation:

"It was magic, magic that ravaged me" .

Many teens develop something of an obcession with one kind or another of religion. Mine was with occultism. Not your New Age, crystals, unicorns and platitudes kind but rather Qabalic ceremonial magic after the fashion of the Order of the Goldern Dawn, and being resident in Cambridge, England at the time, stumbled across one of the few survivals of that Order.  Which I joined. And was chucked out a year and a half after initiation, basically for being unreliable. I never-the-less maintained an active interest in the years that followed. And struck up something of a good relationship with the group leader.

In the 1980s I spent over £50,000 on combatting the Satanic Ritual Abuse myth, a myth that was given a virtual reality by some rather enthusiastic Christian eveangelists. Happily at that time I was in a position to do so. During the course of the endevour I became friendly with many academics, reporters and satanists. And will claim credit for turning the Daily Mail and the Independent onto the trivially obvious fabrications and rather sweaty dreams of  the overly enthusiastic evangelical Christians.

Although occultism is a termendously seductive study, it is not not one I would recommend to barely post pubescent teenagers, for reasons that might not be immediately obvious, to idiots, or those who were idiots, amongst which I count myself.










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