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Video2CD can convert your video to a variety of formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (DVD), and all varieties of streaming media.

Want To Market Your DVD?
Then InstandDVD.TV has the cost effective and profitable solution.
Secure MPEG-1
Want to distribute your video on CD? Worried about people ripping it off? Then take a look here to see the solution to your problems.
16mm Film To DVD
High Quality, Low Price. Yep and we do sound too. Whether you want it on DVD or some other digital format we'll give you the best telecine price/quality solution.

8mm Cine To DVD
Yep, 8mm cine to DVD, or anyother digital format you want. Launch Price Calculator

PowerPoint To DVD
Yep. Your PowerPoint presentation converted to a DVD that can be played on a TV or Computer. It's the easy way for your to produce your own DVDs without thousands of pounds worth of software.
Convert To DVD
The ideal medium for preserving and easily viewing your important videos.

CD & DVD Duplication
We duplicate from 1 to 500 DVDs & CDs. Inclusive price includes printed DVD, case and basically everything.

Convert to MPEG-1
Perfect for widely distributing your home or business videos inexpensively. Suitable for hassle free international distribution. Also ideal for including video in Powerpoint presentations.
Convert To Streaming Media
Making your videos available over the internet has never been easier. We'll convert your video to internet broadcast format and host it for you so that anyone with a net connection can see what you have to offer.
US to UK Video Conversion
We convert US format videos to UK format, i.e. NTSC to PAL conversion.
UK to US Video Conversion
And we do it the other way around as well, i.e. PAL to NTSC conversion.
Business Cards On CD
Credit Card shaped and sized CDs that can hold up to 10+ minutes of video! Your corporate video, product demo or whatever you choose. Full colour printing.
Format Conversion
So you want to convert MPEG to RealVideo, RealVideo to Windows Media and so on, and so on. This is where you'll find what you're looking for.

WinRar is IMO the best archive, file splitter and compression / decompression program currently available. Dead useful for archiving video files, and for usenet. Download a copy or buy one from here.

Sample Videos
MPEG-1 Samples
Various MPEG-1 files varying from 1.2mb to 35Mb. Feel free to download.
MPEG-2 (DVD) Samples
MPEG-2 samples. Large files but worth a look.
QuickTime Samples
Windows Media Samples
Streaming Samples
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So what is it that Video2CD does?

Basically most things to do with digital video. Conversion of cine and video to DVD, file format conversions, PAL to NTSC, NTSC to PAL, streaming and downloadable video, PowerPoint To DVD, and lots, lots more. Check out the menu to the left for more details.


Click For Details Abour Streaming & Downloadable Video

Streaming and Downloadable Video is the coming thing, but how do you get your video onto the Internet without all the hassle of dealing with mega-companies who aren't really interested in anything except the rights to large collections of video material, and who'll charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege.

Read this to find out more.

Converting 8mm cine film to DVD and other forms of digital media is a surprisingly tricky business.

If you want it done properly then you need to read this.

Click Here For Details About Our Telecine Process.

Telecine conversion of your 8mm cine film gives a very high quality result because each frame of the film is individually imported into the computer system. That means no strobing or other artifacts produced by the "project and film" approach.

Need a video converted for use in a PowerPoint or other presentation program? Need some video for your website? Need some video for uploading to Mobile Phones?

Then look no further because Video2CD can provide all that and more at the highest quality levels.





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