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Video2CD can convert your video to a variety of formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (DVD), and all varieties of streaming media.


8mm Cine To DVD
Yep, 8mm cine to DVD, or anyother digital format you want. Launch Price Calculator

Video For Your Mobile Phone
Hi-Quality conversion of your favourite video clips to any mobile phone format, with or without audio.
PowerPoint To DVD
Yep. Your PowerPoint presentation converted to a DVD that can be played on a TV or Computer. It's the easy way for your to produce your own DVDs without thousands of pounds worth of software.
Convert Video To DVD
The ideal medium for preserving and easily viewing your important videos.

CD & DVD Duplication
We duplicate from 1 to 1000 DVDs & CDs. Inclusive price includes printed DVD, case and basically everything.

Convert to MPEG-1
Perfect for widely distributing your home or business videos inexpensively. Suitable for hassle free international distribution. Also ideal for including video in Powerpoint presentations.
Convert To Streaming Media
Making your videos available over the internet has never been easier. We'll convert your video to internet broadcast format and host it for you so that anyone with a net connection can see what you have to offer.
US to UK Video Conversion
We convert US format videos to UK format, i.e. NTSC to PAL conversion.
UK to US Video Conversion
And we do it the other way around as well, i.e. PAL to NTSC conversion.
Format Conversion
So you want to convert MPEG to RealVideo, RealVideo to Windows Media and so on, and so on. This is where you'll find what you're looking for.
WinRar is IMO the best archive, file splitter and compression / decompression program currently available. Dead useful for archiving video files, and for usenet. Download a copy or buy one from here.

Sample Videos
MPEG-1 Samples
Various MPEG-1 files varying from 1.2mb to 35Mb. Feel free to download.
MPEG-2 (DVD) Samples
MPEG-2 samples. Large files but worth a look.
QuickTime Samples
Windows Media Samples
Streaming Samples
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All the video we convert to DVD, MPEG-1 or the streaming formats is imported into our systems via Firewire (including analogue formats like VHS and cine). This makes for a significant improvement to the quality when compared to other methods. Not everyone takes the time to do this.



Your Videos Or Cine On DVD, CD Or The Net!

Yep, that's right. Video2CD will convert your home or business videos to CD or DVD format for a lot less than you think. Prices start at an incredibly low £25 per hour for conversion of videotape to MPEG-1 and £35 for conversion to DVD including menus and custom text. And that's all inclusive. Of postage too. Absolutely No Extra Charges.

A lot of our "competition" use direct conversion cards to produce MPEG-2 (DVD format). Did you know this can reduce the quality of the finished product by a whopping 20% to 50%?

Details Here. (new window)

Video2CD also specialises in converting cien and video to any of the streaming formats. If you need Windows Media, RealVideo or QuickTime then you've come to the right place.

Details Here.

What Does Video2CD Charge?

Videotape to:

  •  DVD        £35/hour
  •  VCD        £25/hour
  •  MPEG-1  £25/hour

"hour" means per hour of tape, not how long it takes to convert!

Cine To DVD:

  •  £35/hour + £5 per reel

Cine To Mini DV

  •  £45/hour + £5 per reel

Full Details Here

How Long Does It Take?

That depends on how busy we are! Anything from next day to longer, depending on the size and complexity of your job.

And when we talk about "days" we mean real days, not what some people laughingly call "working days". These times don't include post office transit times (usually 1 day - we always return by special delivery - and that's included in the price you pay).

Got A Question And Need To Contact Video2CD?

Phone : 01438-906999
email : enquiries@video2cd.com
Full Contact Details : click here

if calling from outside the UK add "[idd]-44" and drop the leading zero of the number.

Want To See Some Samples?

Unlike many of our "competitors," Video2CD isn't afraid to put samples of our work on the web.

Feel free to check them out, but bear in mind that unless you have a broadband connection, they may take a while to download.

Show Me Your Samples!

What Formats Can Video2CD Convert To?

  •  MPEG-1 (simple file or in VCD format)
  •  MPEG-2 (simple file or in DVD format inc menus etc.)
  •  MPEG-4
  •  WMV (Streaming & Download + Intelligent Streaming)
  •  .3GP (Mobile Phone Format)
  •  Kinoma (Palm Devices and many others)
  •  QuickTime (Sorenson Pro VBR encoding)
  •  RealVideo (Streaming, Intelligent Streaming, Downl'd)
  •  AVI !
  •  DV (QT or AVI)

For technical details about the formats we can convert to please

click here

What Tape Formats Can Video2CD Convert From?

VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV. (PAL or NTSC), & Hi-8, Video 8. & Digital 8 (PAL Only). Unlike some of our "competition" we can accept Mini-DV tapes that were recorded in LP format. Frankly the quality isn't as good as a tape recorded in SP format, but we can do it!

Other formats

We can convert from other tape formats by arrangement. Generally speaking you'd be looking at an extra £10 per hour. This also increases the turnaround time by 3 to 4 days. Please ask for a quotation[1] because we're increasing our repertoire all the time.


About Formats

The format you should choose should depend on what you're going to use your video for.

If it's going to be used on the web, for example, then WMV (Windows Media Video) or RealVideo would probably be best, but if you want the highest possible quality, then MPEG-2 on DVD would be the one to go for.

If you need advice about the format that's most appropriate for your application, then don't hesitate to contact us at Video2CD.

Other Services

We can also convert between Mini-DV and VHS, S-VHS, S-VHS-C and VHS-C tape formats (NTSC/PAL). Also from SECAM (an evil French format) to PAL or NTSC, but not from PAL or NTSC to SECAM. This can be very useful if you want to convert your existing video collection into digital format with the minimum hassle.



[1] "Now is the Winter of our discontent". My little joke. Click here for the email form, or here to use your own email client.

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